Monday, March 1, 2010

5 Things to Consider when Choosing A SEO Company

So you have a website but you are not getting the results you had hoped for. The only email leads from your website that you've received are the test emails you did at the launch of your website. Why the negative response to your website? Chances are you are not being found by any prospective clients! The internet marketing industry is more competitive today then it ever has been and in 3 months from now it will be even more competitive.

Most businesses are transferring their marketing funds from the Yellowpages to some form of internet marketing whether it be PPC or search engine optimization. When considering starting an internet marketing campaign with a Denver seo company, think about the following:

Knowledgeable Company: It is easy to be blown away by something you do not understand. Make sure you do some research before meeting with any SEO company. Here are a few basics to understand to help you know if the company you are meeting with is knowledgeable on the subject:
- SEO is broken up into two different types on-site and off-site optimization. You need to have both done correctly.
- SEO takes time, don't get fooled by someone who says they can get you on the first page organically in a week or even a month. Usually we tell our customers 45-60 days for a local campaign and 75-90 days for a national campaign.
- Keywords are broken down to long-tail & short-tail keywords
- All SEO campaigns should be tracked with analytics
- Organic listings get more traffic than PPC listings (According to many different resources)

Experience Needed! The company you hire needs to have a good amount of experience under their belt. If you are trying to optimize for national keywords, make sure they've done a national campaign before and were successful. If you are trying to optimize for a "local" keyword (geographically targeted) make sure they can show you a few campaigns they have also had success at that.

Techniques Used by the Company: There are so many different techniques used in a SEO campaign I could write all day and night listing them. The importance is finding someone who exercises a wide variety of techniques for getting a site on the first page of Google. Make sure they are building quality one way links to your site through various techniques. If a company only uses directory listings you might want to find someone who is doing more for your site then that.

Understand what you are paying for: Denver SEO Companies all run their businesses a little different when it comes to productivity. Some charge per backlink, per hour, per month etc, etc. You will want to find a company that you feel comfortable with how they charge. I would recommend paying more for work than for hours. This way you can't have a SEO company say they worked on your project for 8 hours and they developed 100 backlinks for you. That is not a very good deal.

Remember Search Engine Optimization is a long process that takes hours and hours of work. It certainly is not cheap either! Make sure you find a Denver SEO company you will be comfortable working, one that you can handle being in a relationship for a long period of time.

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