Thursday, September 30, 2010

Custom Web Design vs. Website Template

Web design is very similar to your logo layout; with each you have to make certain that the image you are portraying to your prospects and consumers is one of professionalism and high quality. Visitors to your website will make a choice inside 8 seconds of landing on your site regardless of whether your company is:

  • Respected
  • Reliable
  • Skilled
  • Credible
  • Legit

In today's modern business atmosphere where internet marketing and advertising is the most price efficient medium with the greatest opportunity for speedy growth, you need to make certain you are dealing with an expert Colorado web design company who can replicate your business online: image, persona, values and online efficiently.

So...what's the difference between customized web design and other template designs? A customized website layout will do the following:
1. Accurately captures your company persona.
2. Usually includes website conversion pathways helps your site get found online.
4. Geared to generate particular final results: Newsletter sign ups, sales, leads.
5. Dynamic and can allow for new pages and other content.
6. 1 in a million, not yet another like it.

A template site style will usually give you the following:
1. A low-cost choice.
two. Can be changed to suit your organization colors, but not your enterprise.
3. Usually not created for search engine optimization.
4. Is not geared to accomplish your on-line targets: Publication signal ups, product sales etc.
five. Higher risk that there are 20 other low good quality organizations out there with the identical template.

When you are planning the design for your new web design project make sure you are dealing with a skilled business that has qualifications and a proven track record. Without a customized new style to back up your company's new site, I assure you that you are setting yourself up to fail online.

Time and time again, I have met corporations that have had a website designed by a free lancer or unreputable company, which right after completing the job they disappear with out sticking around to support the customer and finish the work. Internet marketing has become one of the most popular forms of marketing so its important not to take a cheap solution or cut corners.

Step by Step Process of Developing A Website

Phase 1
Identify a organization/particular person that is qualified, and has a successful track document of web layout. The is the easiest way to do this is to deal with a well established enterprise that has lots of great critiques and testimonials from their consumers.

Phase 2

Provide an accurate style and design short on how you want your enterprise to portray itself on-series, including references to other sites that have been specialist created to a excessive normal.

This is extremely essential, all designers will need to know what you like in order to appeal to your needs and at the identical time offer advice and guidance on the very best internet design practices, otherwise your designer will be just stabbing in the dark.

Phase 3
The third phase is to make positive your businesses aims and your on-line ambitions are efficiently integrated in the style and that your credibility and legitimacy as a enterprise is incorporated on almost each and every page.

Make certain that you have strong calls to action for your consumers to systematically complete the objective of your internet site. Examples: Purchase now, Store on-series, Subscribe to our E-newsletter and Request a Quote.

Phase 4
Make sure your internet organization or person knows to how to layout a website to be search friendly and that the content material will be simply readable. This is the most essential and final action, lots of firms overlook written content and structure as they try to only sell themselves on impact worth.

Guarantee your designer has knowledge structuring content material efficiently so that your guests won't get frustrated finding their desired data or written content. Truth: Internet site guests will leave your website and go straight to a competitor if they can't locate what they are looking for on your web site inside 30 seconds.

I hope this information has helped you establish a clear thinking for your next web development project and that you are in a position to implement the above phases to ensure you have a good experience with your project. Contact a Colorado web design company after you have a good idea of what features you would like to include on your site. A common mistake is someone reaching out to a developmen company without even thinking about their wants and neeeds.

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